Website at Risk?

Protect Yourself Against Cyber Attacks

What is a website risk score

It might surprise you to know that all websites are inherently at risk of attack. In fact, it’s the features that make your website unique, like your plugins, that are putting your website at an increased risk.
That’s why Echo Cloud partnered with SiteLock to offer a Risk Assessment to educate website owners, like yourself, on how likely their website is to be compromised.

Here's how it works

The Echocloud / SiteLock Risk Score is a proprietary tool based on data from more than 12 million websites. We use this data to evaluate the complexity, composition and 500 other variables to determine your website’s risk of an infection. Knowing your risk score can help you make an educated and proactive decision about the security of your site.

Risk Levels


Low Risk

Your website’s risk of compromise is on par with that of the average website.


Medium Risk

Your website is 6 times more likely to be compromised than the average website.


High Risk

Your website is more than 12x as likely to be compromised than the average website.

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