Zero-Day Attacks and what that means

A zero-day vulnerability is a flaw in software that the vendor has yet to patch. This leaves the windows wide open for a cyber-criminal to exploit it. The cyber-criminal writes code and packages it up in a nice package or malware as we know it. Once your system has been affected the malware can exploit your affected system simply by stealing its data. This malware can affect your system in other ways other than stealing data. It can corrupt system files, rendering your system useless, access your contact list and spam them with messages (coming from you) with the intent on doing the same thing to those that unexpectantly open these messages.

What can you do to protect yourself?

What you can do first and foremost to keep your data safe and secure is to use comprehensive security software. For example, Acronis has just released it’s Cyber Protect product. With its AI-driven software, it can actively protect against malware, data authenticity certification and validation, vulnerability assessments, patch management, and remote monitoring and management. Don’t forget the secure backup and disaster recovery features all in one bundle.

Make sure your system is up to date on all patches that are released as this cuts down the potential of being compromised considerably. Not only does patching protect from zero-day attacks but it updates your outdated features, updates drivers, delivers bug fixes, and of course plugs those security holes.

@echocloudsolutions we have everything you need to keep your system safe and secure. Contact us today for a quote. You’ll be surprised at how little it costs to save your priceless data.