Website Assessment – FREE

This week, the news was bad.  I do not mean the news headlines leading the television broadcasts. I mean the news that goes by, unheralded and only discussed in hushed tones in computer rooms.  Events in the cyber world should be, at the very least, interesting to everyone.

You run a small business.  You sell a product, hey, you even have a sales portal where your customers can order.  You keep excellent records, sales, production and even inventory.  Your IT consultant is on call when you need them and, so far, they haven’t failed you.

You read the paper when you can.  You catch the TV news sometimes when you aren’t busy, and you read some of the “news” on social media.  You have lots to do and not a lot of time to do it.  Your margins are thin and, it seems, getting thinner.

You don’t know that there is a person out there, in the wild as they say, targeting your website to see what they can steal.  You aren’t aware that organized crime is behind this person and that they are making good money stealing data from you.

In the past two weeks, the website for Amazon UK was hacked, the webpage for the city of Minneapolis was defaced, 300,000 new pieces of malware were created and launched, and an estimated 75 data records were stolen every second.

This is meant to scare you.  Your website is the entry your customers have to your business.  Do you know if the plugins you have installed are up to date?  Do you know if the AntiVirus signatures on your hosting system are current?

We can help.  One of the many cyber-protection services we provide is a website assessment.  We can look at your site and give you a full report on just how vulnerable you are to attack or, if, in fact, you are already hosting malware on your site.  This assessment is completely free, and you are under no obligation.

We can help, if you choose, to secure your web presence and protect your customers from losing data due to a flaw in your website.  We can ensure the integrity of your website data and everything behind it.  We offer world-class solutions for data protection including backup, disaster recovery, access, and traditional AV.  Call us, we can help.