The ShopKeeper

House break-ins in our area have dropped dramatically but, business break-ins have increased.  Because we are, for the most part, working from home rather than our offices, stores, or shops.   A break-in, regardless of where it happens, feels like a violation and it takes time to recover emotionally.   Unfortunately, business burglary has a secondary, more damaging consequence.

Theft of physical equipment and money can be financially devastating.  Replacement costs can be covered by insurance but that means to review and update of business policies every time there is a change in the operation.  According to one source, that is usually not done because it takes too long or is too complicated.  Too bad.

When a thief takes your computer equipment, they have access to your data.  They can either destroy all your banking, bookkeeping, inventory, HR, and operational data or, even worse, they can use it against you.

How well protected is your equipment?

Let us examine a real-life example.  A country store in a rural setting was broken into one night.  The whole community was hurt by the theft.  The owner had to close for several days to allow the insurance adjusters, police departments to do their work, and to repair the damage the burglars did.

When he re-opened, it was with great fanfare in the neighborhood.  All his regular customers came back, his web store was back up and running and things were looking bright.  All was well for a few weeks until the second crime occurred.

His online shop’s customer database included names, addresses, phone numbers, and in some cases, credit card data.  It was kept, in plain text, on the hard drive of the accounting computer along with the shop keepers banking and bookkeeping information.  The crooks figured out that they could now use the data to harass, extort, and shut down his customers and friends.

This went on for months and eventually, each of the people affected had to rebuild their on-line presence.  The business was never the same for the store owner and it looked like he would have to retire and close.  Fortunately, one of his regular customers gave him some advice on how to protect himself and his business.

  • Secure Password control for his computer(s). A two-form authentication process.  The shopkeeper added a fingerprint reader and a password manager.  Echo Cloud Solutions offers an extremely secure method to protect your assets without having to remember a multitude of passwords.
  • Real-Time Backup. He no longer backed up his data on a portable drive on his desk.  All his data was securely backed up to the cloud. Echo Cloud Solutions has partnered with Acronis to provide a secure backup solution with everything, including your mobile, backed up.
  • Website Security. He no longer relied on his ISP and Host for the security of his website. Echo Cloud Solutions is proud to partner with SiteLock.  Your website is protected from attack, hijack, or disruption in real-time.

These tools along with some new awareness have helped this shopkeeper.  How secure is your setup?  How likely is it that a thief or hacker gets your data?  At Echo Cloud Solutions we can secure your entire