Paid vs Free Internet Antivirus Solutions

Will free anti-virus solutions protect you against common, known computer viruses?

Perhaps the answer is yes. However, they may leave you vulnerable to yet-unknown threats. If you choose Windows Defender as an example, you will benefit from the same antivirus as our paid products, to a certain degree. Free antivirus includes basic security, while paid antivirus includes an array of far more advanced tools in detecting the next threat released. That said, our paid version has additional security layers to fend off uncommon viruses such as malware, ransomware, and brute force attacks. Many other features such as Auto Discovery, Vulnerability assessments, patch management, remote management, AI, and more. All at a price that is much cheaper than a small cup of coffee. Ask yourself if you can afford 20cents a day on virus protection. It is also important to consider that you may be less secure when making online payments with free anti-virus solutions. Another drawback of free anti-virus software is that it often comes without direct technical support. In contrast, paid options do give you access to technical support over the phone, via instant messages, or through email. Today’s cyber-threats are fast and furious. For ever-changing. Be secure in what you’re doing online as it’s not that it will happen to you. It is when is it going to happen to you.