Is Cloud Security a Risk


Is Cloud Security a Risk?

60% of the organizations out there don’t understand the shared responsibility when it comes to how or who secures workloads in the cloud.  Creating a false sense of security in your cloud security provider is a concern to the consumer. Be sure to read the privacy statements of your contracts when using cloud storage. You’ll be surprised at what is actually covered and what is not.  

2020 is what’s becoming the year of the largest cyber-attack in history. Check out Forbes ‘Why the Largest Cyberattack In History Could Happen Within Six Months’ article. It’s not about if it will happen, it’s about when it will happen.

When considering a cloud solution be sure that it uses an encryption algorithm when data is being stored. #Acronis uses the encryption method AES-256 algorithm. Although a slower process when data is going through the encryption process but you can rest assured your data is safe and secure from the #cybercriminal trying to access it. Users set their own passwords and these too are encrypted. #Acronis has no access to that password so make sure you’ve memorized it as there is no going back. Purchase a password vault application but don’t be in a hurry to go after the free versions. Again, be cognizant of the contract you’re signing.

What about the security measures that need to be in place when data is leaving your computer and traveling to the cloud? Again, #Acronis has you covered. Not only is your data encrypted but it’s running on a secure SSL channel when data is moving. Just another layer of security when it comes to using the #Acronis Cloud Backup option.

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