Echo Cloud and Uncertain Times

Right now, businesses are being run from kitchen tables, trying to maintain a sense of normalcy in these uncertain times.  They rely on being able to share data securely, to communicate effectively and to know that, in the worst case, they can recover quickly.

The current crisis has made us all realize how vulnerable we, as humans, are to a simple virus.  It has also opened our eyes to the fact that being prepared can help us rise above it.  We are here to offer solutions to everyday technology hurdles and help people thrive in this environment

Our people have spent their careers protecting critical infrastructure around the world and are now focusing their expertise to assist small to medium businesses with innovative solutions.  Think of backups, virus scanners, secure data storage and protection from those who would take advantage of the current situation. 

The products and solutions we can provide cover these areas.

  1. Virus scanning should not be limited to the “free” scanners. They don’t always protect you from phishing attacks, from malicious e-mails or redirection attacks.   We provide solutions covering the single home computer right up to enterprise level protection.  
  2. Backup your data.  Don’t rely on built in backup software, backup to an external, protected source.  We can customize a backup plan that guarantees retention and protection.  Backing up to your hardware or to the cloud.
  3. Share and cooperate without fear.  We can design a solution that allows you, your employees and associates to share data privately and securely.
  4. Protect your assets.  You rely on your phone and laptop to keep working, make sure they are protected from unforeseen accidents.  Consider imaging software.  Our partners have created a solution that will protect you regardless of operating system or hardware brand.  We can also protect your devices and data by offering high security access solutions.
  5. Protect your website from hijackers.  We offer a state-of-the-art website protection solution.
  6. Protect your online presence.  VPN software is key if you are out and about.  Our solution provides protection without slowing you down.  

These are unique times.  These are scary times and we are all anxious.  If there is anything, we can do to help relieve some of that anxiety and provide some peace of mind please let us help.  We specialize in a multi pronged approach and can customize a solution for your specific needs.