Are Traditional Backups Good Enough Today

We can all agree our data is a critical asset.

Imagine for one second you find yourself in a scenario where your computer crashes and you’ve lost access to your business-critical data. The reason for this crash could be anything from a hardware failure or a malicious attack. The point is, you’ve lost your data.

The loss of this data has crippled you. Your day to day business operations has halted, which will without a doubt, affect your bottom line. Loss of revenue is guaranteed and the possibility of this information getting out leads to a bad reputation.

We’ve all used methods such as tape backup, but over time the tapes wear out and we have data that is inaccessible.  We’ve used large appliances such as NAS (Network Attached Storage) or external hard-drives. These are great solutions. But, is this the best solution today?

Trends show that more and more business are moving to a cloud storage option while there are those that still want a local copy,  Echo Cloud Solutions offers a Hybrid solution which is the best of both worlds. By using our Hybrid Cloud solution your business will not only have a copy of your data onsite allowing for easy access but also have a secure copy in the cloud.  We have servers located all over the world. To ensure compliance with data privacy laws,  your data is stored in one of our secure data centers in the country your company calls home. Data is not only secure, encrypted, safe and virus free but you can still access it. Business downtime is now eliminated, you have a #disasterrecoveryplan, allowing for maintenance on failed hardware and the ability to keep your business running.

At ECS we have a solution for every size and type of business. Contact us via our website for more information.