Echo Cloud On-Boarding

Our Experts Working for you

Our people have spent their careers protecting critical infrastructure around the world and are now focusing their expertise to assist small to medium businesses with innovative solutions. Think of backups, virus scanners, secure data storage and protection from those who would take advantage of the current situation.


  • Initial Review
  • Installation
  • Testing and Training
  • Monitoring

ECS Listens to the customer first and foremost. As a single user or business owner what are you looking for to help secure your data within the office or on the road? Once We’ve established what the need is (not the want) we build out a plan that best suits the requirements.

Depending on the solution selected we take care of all installation steps and assure your products are implemented correctly the first time.

After our installation process, we test and do a walk through to show you how easy it is to keep your data safe, secure and backed up.

Depending on the solution selected your team at ECS is continuing to monitor 24 / 7. Alerts, warnings and updates are all available on our dashboards.



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