Even if IT is your core business, setting up your own Data Center or computer room is an expensive proposition both in terms of money, time and deployment of human resources. Apart from the high capital costs there are the high day-to-day management costs. Routinely adding new services or upgrading to the latest technology is also not feasible. In this scenario it makes sense to outsource this service to a Colocation, carrier-neutral Data Center like Echo Cloud Solutions.


Proactive Technical Support

With 24 x 7 server monitoring and daily walkthroughs of our data centers, our certified technicians quickly locate potential server issues and proactively prevent them from escalating. Our professional team treats clients with respect and high response rates.



We offer several cloud hosting packages, including Managed Cloud Hosting, Private Cloud Hosting, Custom and Hybrid Cloud Hosting. Click here to read more about the individual features of each package.


Hosted Email Services

Echo Cloud’s Secure Exchange Hosting is the easy, effective and affordable option for businesses that need reliable email service, but don’t want to pay for expensive equipment and a full-time IT staff.

Echo Cloud offers a full featured Zimbra hosting plan that meets the needs of small businesses. Employees are empowered with complete contact, calendar, and email management through a variety of software clients or through a feature-rich, web browser-based interface. Click here to read more about the individual features of Hosted Email Services


Managed Services

The solution from Actifio enables Echo Cloud Solutions to offer multiple Cloud services including instant backup, disaster recovery and test and development from a single virtualized platform while reducing capital expenses by up to 90 percent. Echo is able to accelerate delivery of cloud services for its customers while delivering critical data management services at a compelling price point and an attractive cost structure.  Echo customers can leverage these cloud services to enhance overall data protection capabilities across their organizations while dramatically improving data protection services without the added expense of opening and managing a second data center location.